Beams is the World’s Leading Online Assessment & Training Tool for Innovation & Creative Thinking Skills


Beams has two user interfaces:

  1. A mobile application for individual employees available both on iOS and Android. It has three modules: Assessment, Training, and Idea Management.
      2. A web-based admin panel for company admins where they can access all the data and draw critical insights.

Value Proposition


Inspiring people to embrace innovation in the broadest sense – generating and implementing ideas for improvement in all areas.
Guiding the assignment of team members with required and complementary skills to specific projects and tasks.
Planning how to address the development needs of employees, teams, departments and functions within your organisation.
Identifying cultural barriers to innovation, and strategies to evolve.
Re-thinking and streamlining innovation management processes, ensuring they’ll deliver desired results.
Understanding who’s contributing what, how, and why – and how to increase creativity within all parts of your organisation.
Enhancing employees’ strategies for dealing with work-related stress, and promoting work-life balance and creative fulfillment.

About Us

Beams Riders is a technology and science based start-up company incorporated in Israel.
Beam Riders is a graduate of the prestigious EISP-8200 Accelerator.
Beams is the first product of the company and was developed with the financial support of the Israeli Innovation Authority.

Jafar Sabbah

Jafar Sabbah

Founder & CEO

Zuhair Butto

Zuhair Butto


Dr. Dave Richards

Dr. Dave Richards

UK Rep.

Media & Awards

Beams was selected by Sharp Brains in Dec. 2017 as Finalists for Top Brainnovation to boost Workplace Productivity & Resilience!

Beams’ Founder was featured at Forbes

On the importance of creativity and how Beams can help, please refer to Adobe’s recent report: Get Hired: The Importance of Creativity and Soft Skills.

Contact Us


At the individual level the application is free of charge and can be downloaded and used at no cost.
At the enterprise level the application can be downloaded for free and the admin panel can be accessed for a 3-month pilot.

Please feel free to contact us for more details or to get a quote.
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