Jafar Sabbah

Founder and CEO

A Beam Rider with over 22 years of entrepreneurial, managerial and legal experience.
In addition to his MBA (Cranfield alumni; Chevening Award) and LLB (Hebrew University) degrees Jafar has completed partial studies in Computer Science (Technion) and Psychology (Hebrew University).
At Beam Riders Jafar has led a one-year study measuring brain wave activity of university students while using Beam’s Alternate Uses and Complete Drawing Tests, and found that high scores, as evaluated by two external experts, correlated positively with alpha and theta brain wave activity in accordance with previous findings in the literature.
Before that Jafar led two other startups in internet and medical devices and raised $1M and $0.5M respectively.
Jafar is a graduate of the prestigious accelerator EISP-8200, a Fellow at the Aspen Institute Global Leadership Network, and a graduate of Stanford Technology Ventures Program (A Crash Course on Creativity).
Jafar was featured in and quoted by leading newspapers and articles including Forbes, SharpBrains, Financial Times, Les Echos, Time Magazine, Guardian, Red Herring, Le Monde, Geek Time, Boston Globe, Jerusalem Post, and many others. Jafar was also interviewed by BBC Radio 4, Today Program, and Radio 5 Alive.

Zuhair Butto

A senior full-stack developer with over 20 years of experience.
Zuhair has led the development of several products and IT systems.
Zuhair enjoys coding using: Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Swift, and many more.

Dr. Dave Richards

UK Rep.
Improving how leaders and teams drive all forms of innovation – customer experience, business performance, and bottom line results.

Speaker, author, consultant, experienced senior executive, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the MIT Innovation Lab. Highly acclaimed book, The Seven Sins of Innovation: A Strategic Model for Entrepreneurship shares key insights on strategic innovation leadership.