Beams has an assessment tool to assess the innovation and creative thinking skills of individual employees. The results of the assessment are displayed and explained in the app. The assessment was developed with the assistance of leading researchers in creativity & neuroscience based on worldwide validated tests & literature:

Alternate Uses (Guilford), Complete Drawing (Torrance), Remote Associates (Mednick), The Innovator’s DNA, and a few more.

The assessment addresses the following innovation and creative thinking skills:
1. Divergent thinking (verbal)
2. Divergent thinking (visual)
3. Association or making connections
4. Insights
5. Observation or paying attention to small details

The assessment can help each company understand the creative potential of its workforce for innovation and identify the required training or recruitment needed to boost this potential.

In addition, Beams provides a self-reporting questionnaire regarding the above skills and compares the actual assessment results to those self-reported.
As a result, the company admin can see if there is a gap between actual v. self-reported as a result of over or under estimating own skills which might imply a need for training in both cases.